Dental Implants Las Vegas

For people who have missing teeth, there is an alternative to traditional solutions that offers permanent replacement teeth that look and function like the real thing. Implant dentistry involves the placement of a custom-designed dental implant inside the mouth, ultimately becoming part of the gum and bone. The best part: the results are permanent, and look like your natural teeth. Dr. Jeffery Hadley can help restore your teeth with his dental implants Las Vegas practice.

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Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental implants involve the placement of a small, titanium anchor into the gum and bone. After the implant has been placed in the area of the missing tooth, it will ultimately fuse to the jawbone. This fusion will occur over a period of about three to six months. During this time, a temporary bridge or crown can be placed until the fusion is complete. After that, a permanent artificial tooth or prosthesis will be placed over the implant. This new tooth is custom-molded for the most precise fit possible, and color-tinted to match the rest of your teeth. The replacement tooth will look and feel like a natural tooth, and is made to last for your entire life.

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants cannot be removed and they do not slip. They also require no special cleaning, other than your normal daily oral hygiene habits. Candidates for dental implants must have a jaw-bone with strong density to be able to support the implant. Those who do not meet this requirement can benefit from alternative procedures designed to replace missing teeth.

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Mini Dental Implants

Patients who wear dentures may benefit from mini dental implants. This relatively new product, introduced in the late 1990’s and approved by the FDA, is used to stabilize dentures and make them more comfortable. Like full dental implants, mini dental implants are titanium screws affixed to the jaw without having to make incisions in the gums. The implants act as natural tooth roots, with the dentures fastened securely to them.

Mini dental implants can reduce the effects of an array of problems commonly suffered by denture-wearers, including ill-fitting appliances and food getting trapped in the dentures. Mini dental implants also completely eliminate the need for bothersome adhesives or pastes.

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