Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsA common procedure that helps improve both the health and appearance of your teeth, dental crowns are used to fully cover the exposed portion of your tooth (or implant) in order to restore cracked, broken, discolored, decayed or generally worn teeth. Dental crowns may also be prescribed after a large filling or root canal in order to protect the restorative work and keep the tooth healthy. Dental crowns are often used to protect and support dental implants, bridges or other dental prosthetics.

Depending on your specific needs, your dentist might prescribe one of several types of dental crowns. These include porcelain crowns, full-metal crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The type of crown your dentist selects will likely depend on the structure of the affected tooth as well as your chewing position.

Porcelain dental crowns are popular because they are strong and durable. Additionally, because porcelain crowns offer the closest match to your tooth’s natural appearance, they are virtually invisible once placed in the mouth. For this reason, porcelain crowns are often used for front teeth, which are usually visible.

Full-metal dental crown might be used if your affected tooth is not readily visible. Back teeth, for instance, may benefit from full-metal crowns, particularly because they can stand up to biting, chewing and grinding. While very strong and long-lasting, full-metal crowns may cause allergic reactions or gum discoloration for some patients.

Metal and porcelain crowns offer the strength of a metal crown with the beautiful look of a porcelain crown. However, this type of dental crown often requires more of the tooth to be removed prior to placing it in the mouth, which can be uncomfortable.

Las Vegas Dental Crowns Can Give You the Smile You Deserve!

If you’re suffering with teeth that are broken, cracked, worn, discolored or misshapen, ask us how we can help restore your smile with dental crowns. We know you deserve that beautiful, healthy smile—let us help you get it today!