Teeth Cleanings

If you brush and floss your every day, you may think that your teeth are as healthy as possible. While good dental habits are an integral part of maintaining oral health, regular teeth cleanings with a professional dental hygienist is a vital step in achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile.

Teeth Cleanings: What Happens?

When you come in to our practice for your teeth cleaning, we’ll use a variety of dental tools designed to “deep clean” your gums and the surfaces of your teeth. These include an ultrasonic cleaner and water sprayer that help to loosen plaque and remove tarter. To further combat any plaque buildup, your experienced hygienist will then use a hand scraper, a metal tool that effectively – and painlessly, scrapes away plaque and tarter. Once your teeth have been scraped clean, we’ll use a rotary toothbrush and a gritty dental paste to help clean, buff and polish your teeth. After a final floss, you’ll leave our office with clean, shining teeth.

Teeth Cleanings: How Often?

According to the American Dental Association, you should get a professional teeth cleaning at least once a year. That said, most dental insurances cover two teeth cleanings per year with no coinsurance or copay, so it’s in your best interest to come see us every six months. If you have a history of gum disease or other dental issues, you may opt for even more frequent cleanings. Additionally, smokers should get their teeth cleaned more often than non-smokers.

Teeth Cleanings: Getting the Full Effect

Your semi-annual teeth cleanings are effective in helping you to achieve and maintain good oral health. That said, they do not replace proper and continual dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing (correctly!) at least twice a day is necessary to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. If you have any questions about maintaining healthy teeth and gums, your hygienist is more than happy to give you the guidance you need. Call us today to schedule your cleaning.