Implants Look, Work Like Teeth

People lose teeth for many reasons, particularly as they grow older. Any dental work done while young eventually will go bad, and often times, that will mean a root canal and crown. But when even that option no longer exists and a tooth is beyond restoration, it will have to be removed. When that happens, there are options to walking around with a gap in your smile. Some people will opt for bridges and dentures that will take the place of the tooth but need daily maintenance. They also can be a source of contamination if they aren’t cleaned and stored properly while not in use. But implants can replace missing teeth permanently and keep your smile looking great.

Implants Are Anchored In the Gums

When you get an implant, your dentist will place a tiny titanium anchor in the bone within the gum line and eventually will fuse with the bone, making it a permanent part of your body. If you like the Terminator movies or are a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man TV shows of the 1970s, dental implants could be considered almost sci-fi in nature, except they are real and they make your smile look great while allowing you to continue chewing food normally and keep your self esteem and self confidence high.

No Slipping or Falling Out

There are no embarrassing moments when you have implants. Unlike dentures and bridges, they won’t fall out at and cause embarrassment for the wearers. The implants are permanent solutions to dental problems and won’t impact the adjacent teeth in any bad way. Chewing food will be perfectly normal, although there will be a healing period when caution should be taken to prevent unnecessary pain. When you have your implant in place you won’t have to worry about that tooth anymore and can keep the rest of your teeth in top shape as well.

If you have any teeth going bad, to what extent might an implant help?