Five Tips For Brushing Teeth

Five Tips For Brushing Teeth


Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is the most important part of your day-to-day dental care. Although we all understand it’s important, many of us don’t do it right. Rather you’re not allocating enough time or you’re not using the proper technique here are five tips for brushing your teeth.

Brushing Harder and Faster doesn’t make up for proper technique.
It might seem like brushing faster or harder will get you out of the house faster if you’re late to the office or school. Brushing faster or speeding through the presses will amount to your brushing being less productive. Likewise, brushing harder won’t help you. Applying more pressure will only age your teeth prematurely.  

Three Times A Day For Two Minutes
The most common mistake people make is not brushing for long enough or often enough. To get the most out of brushing you should try to brush three times a day, preferably after you eat, for two minutes. Try splitting your mouth into even sections and spend equal time on each of them.       

Limit Snacking
After you eat food can stay on your teeth. This is why it is best to brush after eating meals. If you snack often and after you brush your teeth you negate the good.

Clean All the Surfaces
Another common mistake people make is missing areas of their teeth. Clean the outer surfaces of the teeth, clean the inner surfaces, and brush the chewing surfaces. It helps if you break your mouth into four quarters and tackle them one at a time. To improve your breath it’s also great to brush your tongue.  

Your toothbrush can’t get everything. Flossing works hand and hand with brushing in order to clean your teeth. Get about a foot and a half of floss and wrap the ends around your fingers. Move the floss up and down the sides of each tooth.