Fall is Coming! Need an Athletic Mouth Guard?

Fall may mean falling leaves and pumpkin pie, but it also means a whole lot of back-to-school sports. Whether that includes Friday night football games or Saturday morning soccer matches, you’ll want to make sure your little athlete has an appropriate athletic mouth guard to keep their smile – and teeth – intact.

Types of Athletic Mouth Guards

If you’re looking to an athletic mouth guard for your sports enthusiast, it’s good to know what types are available and what the benefits and drawback are for each. Of course, regardless of which mouth guard you choose, you’ll want to make sure that it’s strong, resilient and comfortable to wear.

Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

We recommend custom athletic mouth guards, because they provide the most comfortable fit for your child – helping to ensure that they actually wear it when they’re supposed to. To get your custom-made athletic mouth guard, make an appointment and we’ll take an impression of your child’s teeth. From the impression, we’ll create a mouth guard that fits your child perfectly. Our custom athletic mouth guards are strong and durable, so your little athlete can give the game his all.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

A lower-cost alternative to custom mouth guards is called boil and bite. These preformed mouth guards are made from a plastic that become malleable when exposed to high heat. You’ll boil the mouth guard in water, then have your child bite it when it is still warm (although not hot!). This will help form a snug fit when the mouth guard cools. Of course, these mouth guards will not fit as well as custom guards, so your child may find them slightly uncomfortable.

Generic Mouth Guards

Your third choice is to purchase a generic pre-formed mouth guard. These are very inexpensive and are ready to wear, but unfortunately, they do not provide a great fit. They may also irritate your child’s gums or make it difficult for him to talk or breath.

Ready to get your child the best-fitting athletic mouth guard available? Give us a call today!